SCK / MOS Event 2018



9.-15.7.2018 We organize urban art festival at Tampere, in cooperation with international street art event Meeting Of Styles. We invite ~50 artists to paint lots of graffitis and murals. The paintings will be located at Hiedanranta, Laukontori, and Näsilinnankatu. We bring many artists from Finland and few international. The event is free to visit. At saturday 14.7. there will be also live and dj music whole day at outdoor stage at Hiedanranta.

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Wall Paintings

We bring ~50 painters to paint thousands of square meters of walls of old factory area Hiedanranta, Tampere, Finland. Also one big mural going to be painted to TAKO factory's wall at Laukontori (city centre, Google map  // Street view) and plywood construction walls at Näsilinnankatu 22, city centre (Google map). At event week we paint every day from morning to evening all kinds of street art, graffiti, and big murals.

Few of the ~50 painters:

ASEM  (ES) _____   IG 
FAT HEAT (HU)   _____   IG  // WWW  // FB
KAOS (SWE)   _____   IG
KIPTOE (USA)   _____   IG  // WWW  //  FB
RASKO (RUS)   _____   IG  // WWW  //  FB  //  YouTube
RODE (ES)  _____   IG

ACTON   _____   IG
BOHEM   _____   IG
JUGIX2  _____   IG
KAOM   _____   IG
Matti Lankinen   _____   IG
MAYA  _____  IG
OCTO  _____   IG
PALLO   _____   IG  //  Flickr
PIKSU   _____   IG  //  FB  //  Flickr
Salla Ikonen  _____   IG  //  WWW  // FB
TAUKO ART  _____    IG
11 LINJAA  _____    WWW


+++ Many more


Audiokontrol 14.7.

On Saturday 14.7.  there is live and dj music whole day at outdoor stage. It is free for public.

Salamari Soundsystem delivers sound waves and mc  J. Kvalia will be as a stage host.

Line up:

Ameeba   _____   BC  //  SC
J. Kvalia & Poppoppoo   _____  FB
Mc Nelson (UK)    _____    IG  //  SC
Pystyyn Kuolleet Hipit   _____   FB  //  IG  //  BC
Sapata   _____  Spotify  //  FB  //  IG
Stickylä Clique   _____  SC  // FB  //  IG
Velvet Boys  (6Mäki & Taskumatti)   _____   FB  //  IG



Wall to paint

There is also few walls free to paint. Those walls are marked, DON'T paint any surface if you are not sure is it for the public. Bring your own paint. On weekend Paine Art Supply sells paint at Hiedanranta.




Address of Hiedanranta is  Lielahdenkatu 10-12, 33400 Tampere.

To Hiedanranta you get by bus 3, 21, 28, 35, 37, 80 and 85. Get off the bus at Paasikiventie, bus stop named Hiedanranta. The bus stop is ~500 metres away from event area Hiedanranta.

We recommend arriving by bus or bike or walking. There isn't much of a parking places.

Area is free to visit.

There is more detailed instructions for arriving to Hiedanranta at Hiedanranta's page.



Meeting Of Styles

Galleria Hieta

Paine Art Supply

Väliaikainen Hiedanranta

Tampereen kaupunki

360 Spraypaint